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Spencer Dinwiddie Takes A Shot At LeBron James' Fans After They Roasted Him Over His Comments

Credit: SB Nation

Credit: SB Nation

Spencer Dinwiddie was the subject of criticism in recent days after he made some comments on LeBron James and one of the most famous plays in the King’s career.

NBA on TNT posted a video on Twitter where Bron nutmegged his former teammate, Tristan Thompson, in one of the rarest plays we’ve seen in plenty of time. They were wondering how James had done that, when Dinwiddie appeared, noting something that even LeBron had stated in the past when describing that one play.

“He didn’t mean to do that lol chill,” the Brooklyn Nets star wrote.

This unleashed a beast on him, with LeBron’s fans taking shots and trying to roast him for his remarks.

Dinwiddie then reacted to these comments, saying he now knows why LeBron is a recurrent part of the media given the reach his tweet had.

He took a big shot at LeBron’s fans after that, even joking he would’ve taken an aim a long time ago to stir the pot as he did now.

This is odd to see, as Dinwiddie has praised LeBron more than once, even naming the Los Angeles Lakers star one of the best five players in history. Sometimes fans are more sensitive than necessary, but LBJ must be happy he has people that support him no matter what.