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Stan Van Gundy Is Pissed Dwight Howard Was Snubbed From NBA's Top 75: "There’s Something More Than Basketball To It.”

Dwight Howard

Today, Dwight Howard plays a small role for the Lakers. Serving primarily as a backup center, he averages about 14 minutes per game.

But there was a time when Howard was the best big man in basketball. For the first chunk of his career, he achieved overwhelming success, averaging 18.4 points, 13 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks per game on 57% shooting. By the time he went to L.A. in 2012, he was a 6x All-Star and 3x Defensive Player of the Year.

Considering what he was able to do in that span, and the dominance he enjoyed on one of the NBA's smallest markets, many fans expected Howard to be included in the NBA's Top 75 players list.

Instead, he was passed up and seemingly forgotten by the league.

Speaking to The New York Times, former Magic coach Stan Van Gundy spoke bluntly about his snub.

 “Whatever the reason that he got left out, there’s something more than basketball to it,” Van Gundy said, per the New York Times.

Of course, Van Gundy isn't the only one to defend Howard's career. Gilbert Arenas went on a now-famous rant about Howard's absence from the top 75.

"The most disrespected? Probably Dwight Howard," said Arenas on the 'No Chill' podcast. "I mean, if Patrick Ewing is in... I mean, come on. When you're talking about it like we're talking about standalone stats like your stats have to reflect what you did as a player...

You have to remember, a Championship is the last thing that happens during the season. But what did you actually do as an individual? Were you dominant?

So when you compare stats, you look at his resume and you're like wait, how is he not actually on this list? Like, he's not even a bubble player.

If Ewing is in, Dwight is in front of him. When you match up you guys accolades it's just... sorry big fella."

Truth be told, Van Gundy's suspicions about Howard's exclusion are probably a stretch, but it's a real shame he didn't make it on the list. While his resume may not be as impressive as some others, he's done more than enough to justify being called a Top 75 player ever.

Unfortunately, the powers that be feel differently and it's too late for them to revise their selections now.

Instead of looking in the past, D12 can look ahead and get himself ready for what is sure to be a challenging second half to the season.