Stan Van Gundy Says Young NBA Stars Don't Get Coaches Fired: "They May Voice Displeasure, But The Decisions Are Made By Front Offices And Owners."

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After just one season in charge of the New Orleans Pelicans, Stan Van Gundy got fired. That decision along with the league's recent history has made some people question whether the young players are getting the coaches fired.

It seemed to happen in Atlanta with the Hawks and in Indiana with the Pacers. There are also rumors of Luka Doncic and Rick Carlisle not having the best relationship hence prompting his resignation.

That's why coach Van Gundy wanted to set the record straight and say that young stars aren't to blame for  losing their jobs:

"Players don’t get coaches fired. That’s not fair to them. They may voice displeasure, but the decisions are made by front offices and owners," the veteran coach tweeted.

There are some reports that state that the Pelicans have failed to make Zion Williamson and his family happy. Obviously, they fear that they're going to end up losing their superstar as it happened with Chris Paul and Anthony Davis.

But, even if all the narrative is centered around the players, at the end of the day, they're just employees. They're the face of the franchise, but they also have contractual obligations and have to do their job.

As for Van Gundy, it won't be long before he gets another shot at an NBA coaching gig, especially with so many openings around the league right now.