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Steph Curry Admits He Used To Be Jealous Of LeBron James: "You Always Get Fascinated By What You Can’t Do."

(via The SportsRush)

(via The SportsRush)

2x MVP Stephen Curry has easily become one of the NBA's most recognizable faces. Between his historic and amazing shooting ability, and the way he has transformed the game, his legacy has reached a level very few have ever gone.

Αnd while the Golden State star has turned into the NBA's "golden boy" of sorts, he himself recently admitted there was a time when he was jealous of LeBron James and all the things that he could do on the court.

In a recent chat with Rex Chapman, Curry described those early feelings and explained how he moved on from them to focus on accepting and appreciating his own basketball identity.

“The biggest piece of advice for any young kid that’s playing the game is be comfortable with who you are as a basketball player,” Curry said on The Rex Chapman Show. “I had some temptations of like, ‘I wish I could dunk! I wish I could just drive down the lane.’ You always get fascinated by what you can’t do.

“The bigger point is like I’ll see LeBron and I wish I could do some of the stuff he can do physically and you kinda get wrapped up in and distracted by that. At the end of the day, I am my own type of basketball player. I’ve got to do what I can to be successful. So I guess that’s the message.”

How often is it today for us to focus on our shortcomings? Whether it's self-evaluation or the analysis of another, it's so common that people highlight the flaws instead of focusing on the successes.

For Curry, while he can't dunk or drive the same way as James, he's got his own way of dominating the game, and his own particular skill set that not even James can replicate.

Kudos to Curry for emphasizing the importance of individuality, and reminding us that it's okay to be ourselves -- both on, and off, the court.