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Steph Curry After Loss To Hawks: "Losing Sucks. Terrible Feeling."

(via Sportsnet)

(via Sportsnet)

With Steph Curry's return, the Golden State Warriors were supposed to re-take their place in the Western Conference playoff picture. Despite Klay's absence, there was a sense that the Dubs would still be a significant threat, especially considering the presence of Draymond, rookie James Wiseman, and two-way wing, Kelly Oubre Jr.

Instead, this season has been extremely frustrating for the team, as they sit at just 10th in the West, with a 23-27 record. Following their most recent loss, against the Atlanta Hawks, Curry couldn't help but show his frustration.

"Will have 5 hours on the plane to think about it. Frustrating for a lot of reasons. You cannot play the way we've played and expect things to change. We gotta make necessary adjustments. Losing sucks. Terrible feeling."

Considering that the Warriors were comparing for a title just a few years ago, it has got to be a brutal and harsh reality to be struggling so bad right now.

The question is, can they turn things around? We'll see soon enough...