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Steph Curry And The Warriors Are Stuck In Indiana After Plane Malfunction

Steph Curry

Steph Curry is less than a day away from making history in the nation's most famous sports arena. On paper, he's only to make two shots from the record and it seems like a sure-fire guarantee he'll pull it off on Tuesday night.

Of course, that doesn't mean it'll be easy. Not only has Curry not shot well the past few games, but now he and his team are apparently stuck in Indianapolis after experiencing technical issues with the team plane.

(via Marcus Thompson)

Another layer to Curry’s chase of the 3-point record The Warriors are stuck in Indianapolis due to mechanical issues with their plane, sources to tell me and @anthonyVslater. They are staying overnight and leaving for New York on a Tuesday morning. They are schedule the Knicks tomorrow on a back-to-back.

CBA is against players traveling on day of games. It isn’t prohibited but all avenues must be exhausted to avoid traveling and playing in the same day. With Knicks tomorrow, the Warriors’ routine is already discombobulated.

The problem for the Warriors is not that they'll miss tomorrow's game, but that they'll be forced to play just a few hours after getting off the plane.

Expectation is the Warriors will still play in NYC vs Knicks tomorrow, but this forces a fly-and-play on same day for Warriors. They tried to find a new plane to get out of Indianapolis but couldn’t. Morning flight. Quick turnaround for heavy minute veterans.

Obviously, this turn of events does not bode well for Curry's 3-point record chase. It seems the universe is throwing whatever it can to slow him down.

Nevertheless, it's never wise to be against Curry and his team. They've beaten the odds before and they can do it again.

We'll just have to wait and see for ourselves how tomorrow's match ends up.