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Steph Curry Calls Michael Jordan One Of His "Haters" In New Interview

(via Today Show)

(via Today Show)

Steph Curry appears to have added Michael Jordan to his list of haters.

During a recent interview with, Matthew Welty asked if Curry had ever autographed his shoes and sent them to the haters. Curry's response came with a subtle shot at the Bulls legend:

“Not yet, I might have to set up a little service,” Curry told Welty. “I might have to send them to M.J.”

Of course, the Warriors' star laughs off his comments. But we can't help but wonder if there is some truth to them.

Over the year, Jordan has yet to recognize Curry as an All-Time great, despite his historic career achievements. Most recently, Jordan refused to even consider him deserving of the Hall-of-Fame, saying he wasn't quite at that level yet.

We know what Curry has done for the league, how he has changed it, and the impressive array of performances he has put on in the past 6 or so seasons. He is certainly among the best we've ever seen.

Whether or not he agrees with that sentiment is M.J.'s prerogative, but it won't help tame the fire of speculation that he really does have something against the 2x Finals MVP.