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Steph Curry Doing Okay After Being Involved In Multi-Car Collision


Two-time MVP Steph Curry was part of a multi-car collision on 9 a.m. Friday morning, going westbound Highway 24 on the Oakland side of the Caldecott Tunnel.

Fortunately, the Warriors’ guard is fine. According to authorities in the Bay area, the weather was likely the culprit.

Curry has since responded to the incident, to inform the masses that’s he’s doing alright.

Leaked footage from the wreckage has also been released, as well as the picture he took with the fans following the event.

The All-Star point guard is currently nursing an injured groin. And while progress is said to be going, no return date has been set.

Let's just be glad this accident didn't do any more damage, though it's unfortunate the same can’t be said for his car...

(via CHP Oakland)

(via CHP Oakland)