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Steph Curry Is Ready For Klay Thompson's Return: "I’ve Been Watching His Journey Over The Last Two Years. He’s Ready To Get Back On The Floor."

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

After a two-year absence from the NBA, Warriors star Klay Thompson is just weeks away from his comeback to the court -- and his partner in crime couldn't be more stoked about it.

In a chat on the "Brother From Another" podcast, Curry was asked about Klay's upcoming return, and the 2x MVP was quick to express his excitement about the things that are to come.

“I’ve been watching his journey over the last two years. Like last November, when we heard he tore his Achilles it was a gut punch because you know how hard he worked to get back from the ACL. It was going to be another year to get back and, like I said, he’s been bright and he’s in good spirits. He’s ready to get back on the floor,” Steph said.

"There’s so many memories of what he is capable of doing and what he’s accomplished. We just want him to be healthy. He wanted to be out there no matter how long it takes him for him to get back to 100. And him on the floor at whatever percentage is good enough for us.”

at their peak, Steph and Klay led the Warriors through one of the greatest stretches by any team in basketball history. In the span of 5 years, the Dubs captured three titles while transforming the franchise into one of the most well-respected in all of the sports.

This upcoming season, they'll have their hands full trying to deal with a re-tooled Lakers team (as well as the 'big three' in Brooklyn), but Klay's presence opens doors that just weren't there for them before.

As the best shooting combo in league history, the Warriors will have a powerful offense that can get hot any minute.

Even if he's never quite the same player again Klay Thompson's return sparks new life into the Warriors, and you can bet they'll be competing with the best all season long.