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Stephen Curry Nude Photos Are Leaked, But His Agent Denies That They Are His

(via ABC7 San Francisco)

(via ABC7 San Francisco)

Steph Curry's name is trending on Twitter, but not for the reasons you'd think.

The NBA star was identified in nude photos posted to social media today, although Curry's team didn't take long to deny that the snaps were really his.

(via the San Fransisco Chronicle)

The alleged nude photos of Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry leaked on Twitter are not of him, a team source told The Chronicle.

“Of course it’s not him,” the source said.

The nude photos purportedly taken of him were posted overnight, and the original post appears to have been removed, but not before going viral. Users awaking Friday morning to news of Curry trending on Twitter were greeted with the unsavory surprise.

It should be noted that Curry's agent also denied it was him. Regardless, it's an unfortunate situation for the 2x MVP.

Steph has always conducted professionalism and class in his relation to the media and the fans. As a fan-favorite and family-friendly icon, he has been among the top faces in professional sports for the past few years.

Something like this never really goes away. And even if it wasn't Curry, it will likely continue to linger over his name.

Hopefully, there will be peace for Curry and his family in the days and weeks to come.