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Steph Curry Offers A Controversial Opinion On The Michael Jordan Game-Winner Over Bryon Russell In The 1998 Finals


One of the most iconic moments in the entire history of the NBA is Michael Jordan's last ever shot as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

The moment could not be more perfect. In Game 6 of the NBA Finals, with the score sitting at 86-85 in the Jazz's favor, Michael Jordan stepped up and hit one of the biggest shots of his career, splashing a mid-range jumper over Bryon Russell to win Game 6 and the Bulls' sixth championship in eight years. MJ would later retire that season, making it the final shot he'd take in a Bulls jersey.

Despite how perfect the moment was however, many fans are quick to point out that it's not as perfect as it seems, as it appears Jordan pushes off Russell to create space for himself to hit the iconic shot, something which would be ruled an offensive foul if the refs were to see it.

One of those fans who share this sentiment is Golden State Warriors star and two-time MVP Steph Curry, who in an interview with the Deseret News‘ Eric Woodyard, said Jordan "definitely" pushed off Russell before hitting the shot.

“What’s funny is that Bryon Russell was actually one of my favorite players growing up for no specific reason,” said Curry.

“So I was kind of hurt,” he added. “I loved Jordan, but Bryon Russell was one of my guys and I was hurt that it had to be him. He definitely pushed off, though.”