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Steph Curry On The Play-In Tournament: "I Like The Opportunity That’s In Front Of Us."



Steph Curry has put the Golden State Warriors in an interesting position this season. With just a little over a month to go in this regular season, the Dubs have control of their own fate.

And, looking ahead to the NBA's play-in tournament, Warriors star Steph Curry says he likes the opportunity it brings.

“I like the opportunity that’s in front of us…We have an opportunity to make this season mean something down the stretch because of the play-in. The opportunity of peaking at the right time,” Stephen Curry explained to Rachel Nichols of ESPN.

The play-in has been the subject of much controversy this season. From voices like Luka Doncic and Mark Cuban, there are several prominent people who have spoken out against it. For Curry, though, he sees it as more of an opportunity than anything else.

Considering their place at 9th in the Western Conference, it certainly makes sense.

So long as they have Curry, they have a chance. And it will be interesting to see if they can capitalize from it.