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Steph Curry On Wilt Chamberlain's All-Time Scoring Record: "I’m Glad The Three-Point Line Wasn’t Around For Him. I Would Have Had No Time To Break It."

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

Steph Curry is just 129 points away from eclipsing Wilt Chamberlain ad the Warriors All-Time leading scorer. And while the star point guard has accomplished countless feats over his career, this may be one of the most impressive.

Commenting on the upcoming milestone, the 2x MVP recognized its significance and pointed out his gratitude that Wilt wasn't around during the three-point shooting era.

“That’s surreal, to be honest, I don’t know how many years he played here, but he’s got a lot of buckets,” Curry said. “That is a pretty significant milestone that God willing when it happens, I will appreciate that moment.

I’m glad the three-point line wasn’t around for him. I would have had no time to break it. He would have probably figured that out too.”

Obviously, Wilt is one of basketball's All-Time greatest players, having achieved massive statistical anomalies that will probably never be broken.

For Curry to be on the cusp of surpassing his points total as a Warriors really speaks volumes to his own abilities and accomplishments as a player.

The question now is, what more can he do with the time he has left? No doubt, if he continues to launch threes from beyond the arc, he's going to rack up a whole lot more points.