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Steph Curry Responds After Being Asked Why His Sneakers Aren't Being Sold For Girls


Every time something threatens the shiny reputation of Steph Curry, he always finds a way to make up for it.

Recently, the Golden State superstar received a letter concerning the state of his Under Armour Curry 5's. 9-year-old Riley (no not that Riley) asked why those shoes weren't being sold in girl's sizes and urged the point guard to find a solution.

The letter itself is great, but it's Curry's response to the young fan that is grabbing the headlines today.

Apparently, the billion-dollar Athletic brand had mislabelled some of the smaller sizes as "boys," meaning they had mistakenly mixed in the girl sizes with the boys. Not only does Curry mention this in his letter back, but he assured Riley that it was an issue they were fixing right away.

Additionally, he promised to send her some brand new shoes, along with an invitation to Oakland in connection with an upcoming project for International Women's Day on March 8th. That's just going above and beyond, and it is yet another instance where the brilliance, kindness, and classiness of Steph Curry is put on display.

He was certainly under no obligation to do anything for this young fan.

Nevertheless, it's something he just couldn't let slip by. These are the types of superstars we need in the NBA.