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Steph Curry Responds After Falling Just Short Of Ray Allen's Record: "It’s Pretty Surreal..."

Steph Curry

For anybody else, dropping 26 points in a team win would be something special. For Steph Curry, it's just a walk in the park.

After suffering their 5th loss of the season on Saturday, Curry led his team back into the win column just hours ago.

Of course, the moment was overshadowed by Steph's mission to take that top spot on the NBA's all-time 3s list. Before the game, he was just 7 away from surpassing Ray Allen for the record. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to do it this time, and he'll have. to try again in Madison Square Garden on Tuesday.

Still, Steph is enjoying every bit of the ride.

“I'm enjoying the moment, knocking on the doorstep. It's pretty surreal," Curry said, via ESPN. “You just keep playing basketball, taking shots you think you can make and enjoy the experience."

Head coach Steve Kerr also had something to say about the game, admitting that his star point guard might be trying a little too hard to put his name in the record books.

"He looked like he was moving really well. I think he's been trying a little bit too hard the last few days, just trying to make threes and get to this record. It'll be a relief for him, for our team, when he does break it. I just think he's been trying a little bit too hard. He just needs to make the simple passes, he knows that, but he's kind of trying too hard to make the big play."

With the opportunity to become the NBA's all-time leader in made 3s, it's no surprise that Curry is feeling a little antsy. He's on the verge of something truly extraordinary.

But perhaps even better than the record is what he and the Warriors have been doing all season long. With a dominant performance through the first few months so far, Golden State is 22-5 and 2nd in the West.

As great as the 3-point record is, I'm sure Curry would rather take home another championship for his team.