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Steph Curry Reveals His All-Time NBA Starting 5

Steph Curry

If you were to ask who the greatest 5 players of All-Time are, the answers would differ from person to person. These kinds of topics always up for debate.

Steph Curry did his best to settle the argument, revealing to the world who he thought the top 5 greatest players of All-Time are.

"I would say Jordan, Wilt, LeBron, Shaq, Magic," Curry said in Oakland at an event to promote his Facebook Watch Original Series, "Stephen vs. The Game."

Curry also was asked to name the toughest defender he's ever had to face, and he came up with a funnier response...

As the Warriors close their season, they once again find themselves as the favorites to win the Championship. As back-to-back defending Champs already, their dominance has a lot of people ranking them as the greatest team ever assembled.

For now, that is their legacy. Winning on a scale never seen before.

Next season, however, everything will be up in the air as they risk losing two of their most crucial players.