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Steph Curry Tells The Story Of The First Time He Faced Off Against Kobe Bryant: "So Damn Disrespectful."

Kobe Bryant Couldn’t Help But Laugh When Steph Curry Made A Three In Front Of Him

(via Bleacher Report)

There aren't many people on planet earth who get to say they've played on the same court as Kobe Bean Bryant.

Steph Curry, a 2x NBA MVP, is one of the few who gets to say he has for better or worse.

In a chat with NBC Sports, the Golden State star went into depth about his first meeting with Bryant, in which he got switched on him as a Rookie in the preseason. After realizing who was now guarding him, Bryant gave him a "look" of pure disrespect:

“One of my first preseason games down at the Forum my rookie year, we played against him, and I got switched onto him in an ISO situation, I’m scrawny, 170-pound rookie coming in, and the look he gave me was so damn disrespectful — it was crazy,” he narrated.

“That was kind of my welcome to the league moment, and from there, to the shot in preseason probably three or four years later, he gave me a little pat on the a– after I hit him with a 30-footer. But he’s definitely inspiring in terms of his legacy.”

Kobe was always a guy who relentlessly attacked his opponents. He would get under their skin and find ways to beat them again and again.

In this case, it seems all it really took to get the young Curry shaking was a certain look.

Even then, Curry knew just how special and dangerous the dude really was.