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Steph Curry's Documentary "Underrated" Is Officially In The Works


Regarding the game of basketball, Golden State State Warriors superstar Steph Curry may be the most impactful figure there is.

From a small college kid in Davidson to the greatest shooter ever, Steph has changed the game in monumental ways, and his brand has become one of the most recognizable in all of sports.

So, it's only fitting that the guy become the subject of a documentary.

According to reports, the project is in the works.

(via Deadline)

A24 has greenlighted Underrated, a documentary about Golden State Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry and his rise to prominence in college, where he first became a national figure guiding underdog Davidson to the Elite 8 in the 2007-08 NCAA Tournament.

The film will be produced by Ryan Coogler and Pete Nicks for Proximity Media. Nicks (Homeroom, The Force, The Waiting Room) will direct the pic. Curry and Erick Peyton will also produce via Unanimous Media, which has a development deal with A24.

Steph is obviously not the first player to have his own documentary.

Michael Jordan and "The Last Dance" has become a pretty well-known film and was actually extremely popular upon its release.

The late Kobe Bryant has "Muse," Dirk Nowitzki has "The Perfect Shot," and Allen Iverson has his own appropriately titled "Iverson."

So, even while Curry's story is still being written, his rise to fame and impact on the game of basketball is just too great not to celebrate.

As for what we can expect to see in the Doc itself, that much is still a mystery. From the early description being written so far, it's safe to guess that it will probably feature more heavily on Curry's college years in Davidson than anything else.

Either way, it's a story that needs to be told, and there is no doubt that it will be an entertaining and highly interesting documentary.

As for Curry himself, the guy is not yet done putting the world on notice. As he prepares to enter his 13th season, all expectations are that he will be playing like an MVP candidate.

Through 63 games last campaign, he averaged an impressive 32 points and 5.8 assists per game.