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Steph Curry’s Hilarious Reaction After Being Called A Two-Way Player

Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry is one of the greatest offensive players in league history. His ability to shoot changed the game worldwide, and its impact has been felt greatly in the NBA. However, this has caused Curry's reputation to be that of a shooter with defense as a big flaw. 

While defense has been a challenge for Steph in the past, he has come into his own as a solid defender in the last two seasons. Curry has had impactful defensive and offensive performances this season and could be considered a two-way guard.

During a presser prior to Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, a journalist called Curry a two-way player, eliciting a hilarious reaction of shock and joy by the superstar point guard.

The Warriors have released defensive highlight compilations from Curry this season, and even Draymond Green spoke about how Steph was improving defensively as per how the Warriors coaching staff tracked defensive performance. Assistant coach and future Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Brown has been given some credit for it, but it's about the individual effort and focuses on that side of the ball. Everyone knows Steph can shoot, so he zoned in on being a better defender.  

Curry showed his ability to be a clutch defender when he blocked Ja Morant at the end of Game 1 of their Western Conference semi-finals matchup to help the Warriors take a one-point win away from home. He showed incredible defensive IQ to read the play in crunch time and make the right call to be in the position to stop Ja.

Whether he can have the same defensive success against Luka Doncic is a whole different question. But it is a question that will be answered soon enough, as the Warriors face the Mavericks in Game 1 on Wednesday.