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Steph Curry's New Sneakers Have Controversial Look


Steph Curry is one of Under Armor’s most famous and recognizable athletes, it’s fair to say that he has made the company a fair bit of money over the years.

Just recently, Steph Curry has released a new pair of shoes that has had quite a polarising effect.

The new kicks are certainly an acquired taste, the color scheme is quite confusing and the patterns are all over the place. The reactions on social media haven’t been too positive but we still expect them to sell and sell well just because of whose shoes they actually are.

A more basic colour scheme may have worked better for the majority of fans but I’m sure that won’t bother the diehard Steph Curry fans too much when purchasing these.

Steph Curry is looking to lead the Golden State Warriors to a third straight championship this upcoming season and with the inclusion of DeMarcus Cousins, the Warriors are going to be very tough to beat.

The Warriors were far too good for the Cavaliers in last year’s NBA Finals, sweeping the Cavs 4-0. However, they only just beat out the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals that helped set up a fourth straight Finals appearance.

There’s obviously a big difference in talent between the East and the West at the current time, so the Warriors biggest challenge this year will be just making it to the Finals. It would be hard to pick any Eastern Conference side at the moment that would be able to beat a team like the Warriors or the Rockets or even the Thunder.