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Stephen A. Smith Agrees That Carmelo Anthony Would Have '2 Or 3' Rings If He Was Drafted By The Pistons

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Carmelo Anthony still has a few more years to win that elusive NBA title. But might he have had one already if he was drafted by Detroit instead of Denver in 2003?

That's what Carmelo believes according to a recent statement made by him on IG live. On ESPN's First Take, Stephen A. Smith agreed...

"He'd have at least one, I can promise you that. Possibly two. Let's remember something here, um, when Joe Dumars -- an otherwise exceptional executive that I still believe should have en executive position in the NBA today -- the most glaring mistake he ever made was drafting Darko Milicic.

He had Tayshaun Prince with Rasheed and Ben Wallace with Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups with the Lindsay Hunters of the world coming off the bench. And Carmelo Anthony's rookie year, the Detroit Pistons won the title -- that's when they beat the Lakers. The next year, they went to the NBA Finals and lost in seven games to the San Antonio Spurs. Should have won it in five or six.

Those two Piston teams, Melo would have been comin' off the bench. And I'm telling you right now, there ain't no way in hell they wouldn't have won. I believe they would have won titles both years."

It makes sense. In 2004, the Pistons won the title without Melo... why wouldn't they win it with him? Even as a rookie, Anthony was a talented isolation scorer.

The very next year, Detroit lost to San Antonio in seven games. Again, who is to say Melo wouldn't have provided them with the boost they needed to win one more game?

Unfortunately, things didn't work out like that for Anthony. He was drafted to Denver, then went to New York, and is facing a scenario in which he may retire without winning a single Championship.

Still, the 10x All-Star made the best of his situation.