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Stephen A. Smith Calls Miles Bridges The Dunk King: "Why Even Have A Dunk Contest When You Can Just Have Miles Bridges Put On A Show All By His Damn Self?"

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miles bridges

Miles Bridges is a player who is known for a variety of reasons. For starters, he is playing on one of the most exciting teams of the season in the Charlotte Hornets. Also, he is part of the reason there is so much excitement about the Hornets. Miles Bridges' ferocious dunks have made it all over the internet, and the highlights are just insane. Miles Bridges is definitely one of the best dunkers in the NBA, and he's clearly one of the flashiest.

Obviously, with the flair that his dunks possess, Miles Bridges wasn't going to go unnoticed for long. Basketball analyst Stephen A. Smith has come out and crowned Miles Bridges as the "Dunk King" of the NBA. Miles Bridges' penchant for the spectacular has cause Stephen A. Smith to question why there should even be a dunk contest in the first place if one can just watch Miles Bridges.

Why even have a Dunk Contest when you can just have Miles Bridges put on a show all by his damn self? Miles Bridges is the new NBA dunk king. That's right I said it. The poster dunk king... Twitter, Instagram, Top Shot, whatever. All I know is that when Miles Bridges takes off, everybody else on the court better get the hell out of the way.

Miles Bridges is certainly getting many views on his highlights, and he has had some of the most iconic dunks of the season. It seems like we are getting Miles Bridges posters almost every day: he has made difficult dunk attempts a common occurrence.

At the end of the day, Miles Bridges' dunks are box office entertainment. While there are other elite dunkers in the NBA such as Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon, Miles Bridges is certainly pushing himself into the conversation as to who is the best dunker in the NBA. If Miles Bridges keeps throwing down ridiculous dunks, then perhaps everyone will follow Stephen A. Smith's lead and view him as the "Dunk King" of the NBA.