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Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Kyrie Irving: "What The Hell Is Going On With Kyrie?"

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(via Inc)

Kyrie Irving has recently decided to sit out of the upcoming game against the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Brooklyn Nets. While it is normal for people to take a break from work now and then, there were some people who weren't happy with Kyrie Irving's decision.

One of those people was prominent basketball analyst Stephen A. Smith. Smith has called out Kyrie Irving for not playing games and has asked what is really going on with Kyrie Irving taking games off. He brought up examples of Kyrie Irving missing the bubble last season as well as the fact that he only played 20 games last year prior to the bubble.

You only played 20 games last year in Brooklyn. You didn't play in the bubble. You didn't want people to play in the bubble because you wanted folks to focus on other issues. It turns out you've got your own issues whatever they may be... nobody's wishing anything negative about him... we hope everything and everybody is okay. But I don't recall Kyrie at any point saying "Here's your money back. You don't need to pay me."But you're missing games at your discretion. I mean how many personal days do you need? You don't play every day. you got 72 games this year instead of 82... what the hell is going on, where you're just missing games?

Stephen A. Smith then further clarified his words and has stated that he wasn't aware of Kyrie Irving's position. That could possibly be referring to Kyrie Irving's situation with Dennis Schroder, and the subsequent Twitter post on how he feels the n-word is derogatory.

There were plenty of fans on both sides of the debate, with some siding with Smith, while others defended Kyrie Irving's ability to take a day off. Whatever the reason for his absence, hopefully he returns to basketball soon, and dazzles the world with his abilities once again.