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Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Kyrie Irving's Hypocrisy For Trying To Reunite With LeBron James And Abandon Kevin Durant

Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Kyrie Irving's Hypocrisy For Trying To Reunite With LeBron James And Abandon Kevin Durant

Kyrie Irving is the talk of the town in the NBA this week after a report saw the light claiming that he and the Brooklyn Nets had an impasse trying to agree on a new deal for the player. This opened the door for a move away for Kyrie, with the Los Angeles Lakers being mentioned as the 'biggest threat' to sign the veteran guard

Irving is reportedly in talks with LeBron James about a reunion in Los Angeles, four years after they last played together on the Cleveland Cavaliers. This would be a shocking move, but with all the buzz, not many people would be surprised if it actually happened. 

On the other side, not everybody is pleased with Kyrie's recent moves. He went to Brooklyn with a mission, which he hasn't completed yet, and now will bail out on Kevin Durant to reunite with LeBron James. 

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, as usual, had some things to say about this situation, calling out Irving for his prior words about LeBron. During a recent edition of First Take (via The New York Post), Smith had this to say: 

“He’s calling LeBron already. He’s calling LeBron,” Smith said.

"Remember that dude that he left, that he didn’t want to be a sidekick or little brother to? Remember that? Remember that [Brian Windhorst]? Remember that [Monica McNutt]? I happen to know he’s calling LeBron these days. Isn’t it beautiful how the world turns? There was once a soap opera called ‘As the World Turns.’ It’s ‘As Kyrie Turns.’ That’s the soap opera. We’re gonna hold onto that one all summer long. This is where he’s at."

Moreover, he focused on Kyrie's way to manage this situation and how he's planning to leave Kevin Durant now, while KD has done nothing else besides protecting him. 

“We all know there’s nothing BUT ammunition for K.D. to throw you under the bus, and he has not done it,” said Smith, speaking directly to Irving as if the guard is the audience for the show.

“The same brother that you went on a podcast with a couple years ago and you said, ‘It’s nice to be with somebody where it’s the first time in my career where I ain’t worried about someone taking the last shot instead of me’ — which was clearly a shot at LeBron, who, by the way, you’re on the phone with now looking to reunite with!”

This is a very complex situation for Kyrie, who now has 29 teams interested in his services. It's not secure that he will leave the Nets this summer, but seeing these recent developments, anything could happen to a player who has missed many games in the past couple of seasons, both for injuries and off-court issues.