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Stephen A. Smith Debating Himself Is The Greatest Video Of All-Time

(via First Take)

(via First Take)

Stephen A. Smith is one of the most recognizable faces in sports media right now. Thanks to his knowledge, inside sources, and electric personality on the air, his name and face have been revered by many fans in the sports industry today.

But even Stephen A. can't avoid the blooper reel. One fan went so far as to collect clips of Stephen A. contracting himself to make it look like he was having a debate. It's actually pretty well done and has been drawing tons of attention online.

This isn't the first time this has been done. The same videos have also surfaced for Skip Bayless.

It's important to note the context in which all of these things were said because not all of them are as contradictory as they sound. So Stephen A. may have gotten exposed a bit, but can you blame him?

Why shouldn't feelings be allowed to change as the circumstances do? When you talk ball as much as these guys do, it's only natural for opinions/takes to evolve.

Regardless, it's an incredible video and shows just how unforgiving the fans can be sometimes.