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Stephen A. Smith Explains Why Kevin Durant Would Be A Better Teammate For Michael Jordan Than LeBron James

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Plenty of NBA fans wonder how would it be if Michael Jordan played in this era, if he went against the biggest stars of these days or if he teamed up with any of them. The GOAT created a great duo with Scottie Pippen in the Chicago Bulls in the 90s, so it would be interesting to see what would have happened with him if he joined forces with one of our current superstars.

Maybe you can say LeBron James would be the perfect teammate for MJ, but not everybody is sold on that idea. For instance, ESPN's analyst Stephen A. Smith believes there is another big name that can be better for Jordan than Bron. During Tuesday's edition of 'First Take', Smith made the case for Kevin Durant as the perfect sidekick for the GOAT.

"I'm gonna go Kevin Durant," Smith said. "When I think about what this brother brings to the table at 6'11 with his shooting skills, his ability to spread the floor and his lankiness as a defender, I like both, I like both for Michael Jordan. I think that would be a better situation. Not only that, I think that Kevin Durant would have an easy job because he's more efficient offensively as a shooter than LeBron James is. He can a shot off anytime and he can shoot long-range, which obviously means he can spread the floor. Plus, he's a significant better free-throw shooter than LeBron James, as well. When you take into account what Jordan brings to the table, with his abilities, he [Durant] would accept what being one A or B to Jordan's A side easier because Kevin Durant is one of those guys that doesn't need the number of shots that other would need in order to be as effective as he is. (...) His personality along with his game itself, I think it's a better fit for Michael Jordan than LeBron James' game would be."

These are two of the greatest players of all time, KD and MJ, and they both together would be a complete nightmare for the rest of the league. Smith made the case for Durant as the better partner for Jordan, but there is no doubt that he also would succeed having LeBron James by his side.

At this point, it's something subjective; it's not like Jordan would have any problem playing with LeBron or KD.