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Stephen A. Smith Explains Why LeBron Could End Up Regretting His Decision To Join The Lakers


Even at 34 years old, with 3 Championships and a title as one of the greatest players to ever play basketball, LeBron James wants to win. He went to Los Angeles to begin a new chapter in a place where he could prepare for life after basketball... but it doesn't mean he's ready to lose. Who really is?

When LeBron chose the Lakers, he entrusted Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka to surround him with the pieces he needed to take them to the top. Six months in and that process is looking a whole lot harder than anyone could have imagined.

On ESPN's First Take Wednesday morning, Stephen A Smith explained how the Lakers could end up empty-handed even after the summer, and how it could affect the feeling of LeBron James toward his own decision last July.

It may pre-mature, but it's a question worth asking at this point. Does LeBron regret joining the Lakers... or will he at some point soon?

This season has proved how weak the Lakers' talent level really is, and it's a problem. The trade deadline is proving how hard it is for the Lakers to trade for a superstar in Anthony Davis, and (as Stephen A point out) the summer might not be better, either. Not with the Knicks and Clippers already gearing up for their pursuit of the top stars.

This isn't what LeBron had in mind when he joined Los Angeles. And, unless changes are made between either now or during the summer, LeBron might just end up wishing he had stayed in Cleveland.