Stephen A. Smith Explains Why Stephen Curry Is A Better Teammate Than LeBron James

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Stephen A. Smith has explained why he believes Stephen Curry is a better fit for teammates than LeBron James. The Golden State Warriors superstar has been one of the best players in the league during the 2010s and he's ready to keep things that way this upcoming season. The Warriors won't have Klay Thompson thanks to a season-ending injury but Steph is confident his team can still compete in the stacked Western Conference.

Smith also believes that, as he explained in a recent edition of ESPN'S 'First Take,' tipping the Warriors to make it to the NBA Finals once again, led by Curry. Smith stated that the level of 'selflessness' that Curry generates is unmatched and not even LeBron James comes close to that.

When Max Kellerman explained that Curry creates the same 'selflessness' as Magic Johnson, Stephen A. explained the differences between Curry, Johnson and even LeBron James (4:50 minute mark).

“I want to explain the difference between the selflessness that you brought up with Magic," Smith said. 

“A selflessness that’s generated by LeBron compared to Steph Curry. See LeBron feeds himself, and because he’s so phenomenal, everyone knows to stand down.

“But he has the ball, he’s the one creating mismatches, he’s the one calling plays and audibles and things of that nature… So, as a result, there’s a level of selflessness that they didn’t mind acquiescing to and capitulating to.”

“In the case of Steph Curry what’s amazing about him is that you could see guys open 15 feet away from the basket…… instinctively they know to give him the damn ball because he is so phenomenal.

“They actually get joy from watching the show, the sniper-like tendencies that he puts on display. They actually enjoy it. He makes everyone into a passer, unlike anybody that I have ever seen.”

Well, all those three players were generous and their teammates were and are generous with them, too. That's what allowed them to be successful and that's not going to change. Even though the Warriors will miss Klay this season, they're relying on Steph to lead them to the promised land. Golden State has to prove they're still a competitive squad in the NBA and even though they'll miss one Splash Brother, Curry and co. has the chance to compete this upcoming season.