Stephen A. Smith Gives His Review Of Space Jam: A New Legacy

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Stephen A. Smith Gives Hie Review Of Space Jam- A New Legacy

Stephen A. Smith has easily become one of the most prominent and important figures of ESPN. Years of hard work and natural talent have earned him the ears of the sports world, and it's always interesting when he has something to say.

In the case of LeBron James' newest project, "Space Jam: A New Legacy," Stephen A. delivered his review, satisfying fans who wanted his opinion on the film.

“Gotta take a moment to give props to you @KingJames,” Smith posted on Twitter. “Just finished watching #SpaceJamMovie. Damn good job. Damn good! Kids will love this. Way to go!!!”

It can be easy to lose perspective on what kind of movie Space Jam is and who it's supposed to appeal to. While there is undoubtedly joy to be found for all ages, it's really more of a kid's movie than anything. So, considering what it's trying to do, it's really not a bad piece of cinema at all.

Unfortunately for the contributors of Space Jam 2, it has been bombarded with low ratings and poor reviews, which we already covered on this network after the movie's release.

The consensus from the crowd is that the movie is slow, boring, and generally a hobbled-together mess compared to the original.

But, no matter your own personal opinion, it deserves credit for being a rather ambitious and brave sequel that has grossed over $250 million worldwide.

Stephen A. Smith, as controversial as he may be, knows when to give props when they're due.