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Stephen A. Smith: "If You Want To Shut Drake Up, Be Like LeBron And Beat The Raptors"

Stephen A. Smith: "If You Want To Shut Drake Up, Be Like LeBron And Beat The Raptors"

Being the Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador and the way he’s shown his passion for the team have made Drake one of the most popular topics to discuss in the NBA world in recent weeks.

The Grammy award-winning rapper has been making some headlines in recent days seeing how far he’s taken his fandom for the Toronto Raptors. We already saw him doing his thing against the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals, taking things to another level in the NBA Finals that the Raptors play against the Warriors.

Drake’s antics have been very commented around the league in the last couple of days, with the league even commenting on his manners during Raptors’ recent games. After that, people expected the Canadian rapper to have better behavior, but we saw that wasn’t part of his plans for Game 1 of the Finals, where he exchanged words with Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, calling the latter ‘trash’ when the game was over.

On ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith defended Drake’s attitude saying he’s rooting for his team just like anybody else would do. The only difference is that Drake is not like the rest of us and he gets a lot more attention than regular fans. When asked if the NBA needs to stop Drake’s ‘sideline antics’, Smith said:

“Absolutely not,” Smith said. “Does anybody taken time to recognize that these players actually talked back to Drake? Why? Because he matters. He’s not some typical fan in the stand raining or serenading you with boos or whatever the case may be. He’s Drake, damn it. This guy is not the Ambassador of the Toronto Raptors, number one fan, sitting courtside or whatever. This is the kind of dude they’re hanging with in the offseason, the dude who they go to turn on some music and listen to. He’s not just a regular person, let’s stop acting like that, ok?”

“What is he doing that’s so egregious? (...) You get to a point when you see stuff like this and you really sit back and ask: do people in power need to have control over every damn thing? You’re trying to tell that is an issue for Drake to sit out there as a Raptors fans?”

Smith also recalled one time when Drake tried to trash talk the then King of the East LeBron James and things didn’t go so good for him.

“I saw him try to talk smack one time to LeBron and then he got very very quiet from Game 1 on. Why? Because it was LeBron and LeBron shut him the hell up. If you want to stop Drake beat the Raptors, otherwise, deal with it.”

Golden State Warriors will look to even the Finals against the Raptors in Game 2, and they will play again without Kevin Durant.