Stephen A. Smith: 'Kawhi Leonard And Jimmy Butler To The Clippers'

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(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler are two of the game's biggest two-way stars. They are also both free agents this summer.

With those similarities in mind, the two may decide to play together this offseason, according to a report by ESPN's Stephen A Smith.

Butler has been connected to a number of teams in recent weeks, including the Lakers, Knicks, Nets, Sixers, and Heat. No doubt, he is seeking to join a franchise where he can both win and make max money. Although any of those teams would do, the Clippers certainly fit the bill in that regard, and the same can be said for Kawhi Leonard.

With Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Tobias Harris (among others) already decided on their next destination, Butler and Kawhi are among the dwindling list of names left for the taking. They are the last dominoes to fall.

And if the Clippers pull off the union of both stars, the Clips will join the Lakers and Nets as the NBA's title favorites for the next several seasons.