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Stephen A. Smith: Kawhi Leonard To The Lakers Would Be A ‘Weak Move’

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

Two-time Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard is about to make a massive career decision this off-season, either staying with the Toronto Raptors or moving home to Los Angeles to play with the Lakers.

It’s become quite a controversial topic after Leonard led the franchise to their first ever championship against the Golden State Warriors this year. If he does choose to leave Toronto, he will be joining the Lakers who are creating a super team that consists of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith believes that it will be viewed as a weak move if Kawhi does choose to team-up with the LeBron and Davis in L.A.

“Yes it would be a weak move,” said Smith on First Take. “We have to be consistent; we can’t just sit there and look at KD going to the Golden State Warriors with 73 rings, chasing a title and then ignoring that with Kawhi Leonard. Here’s the difference, Kawhi has two rings so he’s not necessarily chasing a ring but nether the less, the balance of power conversation is almost identical.”

There are many NBA experts who agree with Smith, the Lakers will certainly become the clear favourites for the 2020 championship if they do manage to get Kawhi Leonard to join them in Los Angeles. Creating this big three is something that most thought would never happen, it’s fair to say that these players are three of the best going around in the league right now.

It was recently revealed that Leonard will not be considering the Los Angeles Clippers as a potential option anymore which narrows the option down to just two. The Raptors still have a great chance to achieve back to back championships if Kawhi decides to stay. However, it looks unlikely that Toronto can have that same impact in the post season without his presence.

Kawhi Leonard’s decision is arguable the biggest decision in the entire league this offseason with everyone waiting to find out where he will be playing.