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Stephen A. Smith: "Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Will Regret Choosing The Nets Over The Knicks"

Stephen A. Smith: "Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Will Regret Choosing The Nets Over The Knicks"

Stephen A. Smith can't be happier about the New York Knicks' current moment and he's letting everybody know that his team is doing very impressive things in the past couple of games. They currently have the longest winning streak in the league and nobody knows when they will stop.

The Brooklyn Nets were stealing attention in New York for the past couple of months with their superteam and all the moves they made but now things have changed. Even though they are the No. 1 team in the East right now, the Knicks have become the bigger story now and Smith didn't miss his chance to brag about it. During the latest edition of ESPN's First Take, he was raving about the Knicks while taking some jabs at the Nets.

"Barely anyone cares [about the Nets]. Barely anyone cares in New York city compared to the Knicks. Because the New York Knicks are the team that's buzzing. The New York Knicks are the ones stealing headlines. Everybody is talking about the New York Knicks."

That wasn't the end for the veteran analyst, who charged against Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, saying they would feel bad if the Knicks make it to the postseason and they fail to win the NBA championship with the Nets (2:29).

"Whether they admit it or not, if the New York Knicks make the playoffs and the Brooklyn Nets don't win the 'chip, KD, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will regret the day they passed on becoming a New York Knick."

Just like he suffers when things are going bad for the Knicks, now Stephen A. is enjoying having a team that can win, have a lot of talented players and is playing great basketball. The pressure is for the Nets right now; if they don't win, the season will be considered a failure but the Knicks have already done more than they were expected to and that is a big win for Tom Thibodeau and co.