Stephen A. Smith: Kevin Durant Is The Best Player In The NBA Right Now

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Stephen A. Smith calls Kevin Durant the “best player in the NBA” after the two-time Finals MVP shot 12-13 from the field on Wednesday against the Grizzlies.

“[Durant] could average 35 anytime he wants,” said Smith during his bit on First Take, “On nothing less than 49% to 50% shooting”.

With the emergence of Giannis Antetkounmpo and the offensive onslaught by James Harden, LeBron James and Kevin Durant have some competitors for the “best in the world” label.

Smith continued, “There is nothing offensively that he can’t do to put the ball in the hole.” Durant has played some of his best basketball since joining the Warriors and hasn’t seemed to mind diverting to Stephen Curry in order to win a championship.

Smith points out that the only issue with Durant is that he may be skinny or not as strong as LeBron, but other than that, Smith says that “the only person that can stop Kevin Durant is Kevin Durant”.

Durant has yet to be called the best player in the NBA by several NBA analysts, and it may seem unfair at this point. Durant is the two-time defending NBA Finals MVP which means he is better than anyone else in the world. The only player in the world that should challenge Durant for “best in the world” is LeBron James, but aside from that, Antetoukounmpo and Harden shouldn’t be compared to Durant.

Durant is cruising right now as the defending Finals MVP, and he may even be the best player in the world.