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Stephen A. Smith: ‘Kevin Durant Was Not Feeling Steve Kerr At All’

(via SFGate)

(via SFGate)

Stephen A. Smith has weighed in on the comments Kevin Durant recently made about the Golden State Warriors on his way out of the team. KD stirred the pot with his comments on the Golden State Warriors, their system and how he believed the team had to play once they landed in a certain stage of the playoffs.

Stephen A. reacted to this, stating that Durant just couldn’t feel Steve Kerr and the system he tries to implement. During Wednesday's edition of ESPN’s First Take, the analyst broke down how things went between the player and his former coach and teammates.

He first recalled the bad moments Durant had with Draymond Green and how their two personalities affected them both and their relationship before he discussed the relationship between KD and Steve Kerr.

“Nobody talks about this. KD relationship with Steve Kerr was not good, and I’m not saying that Steve Kerr did anything, I’m not saying that there was some fallout of anything that happened. For what I was told, KD was not feeling Steve Kerr at all. At all. To the point where that’s why you saw Bob Myers around him. That’s why you see his guy Rich Kleiman around him.

“For some reason, the relationship that Steve Kerr, one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, obviously a champion personified, knows his basketball, qualified, Hall of Famer as far as I’m sure with everything that he’s accomplished, you would think that a great coach like Steve Kerr has proven to be, would have cultivated a better relationship with Kevin Durant. He didn’t pull that off and that has something to do with Kevin Durant and the relationship with his teammates as a whole, as well.”

A lot has been said about KD and his departure from the Warriors, but it doesn’t look like we’ll stop learning more details on how things went down between the player and everything he lived and had to go through in the Bay.

He didn’t get along with fans, teammates and now the coach. It looks like KD lived a complete nightmare with the Warriors given his recent statements.