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Stephen A. Smith: ‘LeBron Is Facing His Own Basketball Mortality’

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

This upcoming season will bring a lot of changes for LeBron James, who is set to help the Lakers to win the title, but this time with a great partner. We all know that Anthony Davis landed in Los Angeles via trade, but as the days go by, we realize this move is actually even more important than it initially seemed to be.

LeBron has stated that having AD in the team is very important for them, even claiming that the Brow will be the focal point of the Lakers offense whenever he’s on the pitch. This has generated any type of reactions, with some fans saying he needs to be the go-to guy for the Lakers, while others say he’s making the right decision to leave Davis in charge of the offense.

Stephen A. Smith discussed this move on Tuesday’s edition of ESPN’s First Take, stating LeBron is facing his basketball mortality, which is why he’s giving more responsibilities to Anthony Davis. He explained how good AD has been before and during his NBA career, explaining why LeBron is so confident in him.

“LeBron James turns 35 December 30th, he’s looking at his own basketball mortality. LeBron James ain’t ready to walk away, LeBron James is committed to the Lakers for another two years minimum, likely three. He knows that in order for him to be successful, he’s got to lean on somebody else and so his willingness to do so and to publicize the fact that he’s doing so gives you insight to him looking at himself and recognizing as great as he is and as great as I believe he will be this year, I think he’s gonna be a man on a mission, I think missing the playoffs is the best thing that could have happened to him physically and I think he’s gonna come out like an absolute monster, but even he knows ‘I have to lean on Anthony Davis because I can’t go against Kawhi and Paul George, I can’t go against Lillard and those boys in Portland, I can’t go against Denver, I can’t go against Russell Westbrook and James Harden, I can’t go against even Utah, I can’t go against all these damn people and carry the load that I’ve been carrying. I need somebody else to be that dude.’ That doesn’t mean that Anthony Davis will be the No. 1 option when it counts, but I think he’s saying that because he wants everybody to look forward to the vast majority, that chunk of the season from October to April, ‘I’m gonna lean on this brother, because I need this brother to carry me.’”

LeBron hasn’t been the most outspoken player this offseason and that only means he’s getting ready to come back stronger next season, hoping to take the Purple and Gold to the promised land. However, he’ll need to use some load management throughout the season, and having Anthony Davis as his partner makes things easier for the King.