Stephen A. Smith: ‘LeBron Is Going To Remind Everybody He’s That Dude’

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Stephen A. Smith: ‘LeBron Is Going To Remind Everybody He’s That Dude’

The NBA tip-off is getting closer every day and it’s common seeing people making their predictions for the upcoming season. This offseason has been a different one seeing all the changes that took place for all the teams in the association, which altered the balance of the league and the picture for everybody.

Of course, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers were arguably the biggest winners of the offseason thanks to the moves they made. Both teams are now considered the favorites to win it all next season, but for ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, the Lakers have the advantage over the Clippers.

Smith made the case for the Purple and Gold during the ‘Stephen A. Smith Show’, where he explained how stacked was the Western Conference after all the changes made by teams like the Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets and the aforementioned Lakers and Clippers.

Furthermore, when he got to explain why any of these teams couldn’t beat the Lakers in a best-of-seven series, he simply said because of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

“I’m on the mindset that the Los Angeles Lakers should be favorite,” he said. “I do think that the Clippers have the better team, but I just look at LeBron James and Anthony Davis and I’m like ‘my god, how can actually be able to upset that team?’”

Smith then went to explain how LeBron would be stronger after missing the playoffs for the first time in nine years, before adding all the virtues of Anthony Davis and the rest of the players the Lakers signed this summer to the mix.

“Will LeBron James and Anthony Davis be enough to get the Lakers to the playoffs? The answer is yes,” Smith added. “Once you’re in the playoffs is the best of seven. You really want to go against LeBron James and Anthony Davis together in a best-of-seven? You shouldn’t. I don’t give a damn how good Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are, that’s a different dimension.”

Ultimately, the analyst made the case for LeBron and his good numbers, which will take the Lakers to the promised land.

“LeBron is a career 27-ppg scorer. Last season he was 27 (points per game), 8 (rebounds) and 8 (assists) on 51% shooting. He doesn’t get hurt those 17 straight games with a groin injury, the Lakers are in the playoffs. LeBron James is that dude. Y’all must have forgotten and I think he’s going to remind everybody, I think that’s exactly what he’s going to spend the year doing.”

After a not so good first season with Los Angeles, LBJ is ready to demonstrate that he’s still the king of the court. This year he’s going to have a very talented team who looks ready to take it all, no matter which rival they are facing. The battle for Los Angeles is on once again with the Clippers, but for Stephen A., LeBron will make the difference for his team.