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Stephen A. Smith Makes Fun Of His Own Bizarre Tweet: "I Don’t Even Remember Who The Hell I Was Talking About..."

Stephen A. Smith

On Thursday morning, ESPN broadcaster Stephen A. Smith did a little self-reflection.

On Twitter, he commented on a post he had published back in 2015 that didn't make a whole lot of sense. Here's the Tweet:

He joked with his fans that he didn't even remember who or what he was talking about:

Nobody knows what picture Stephen A. was trying to post, including Stephen A. himself. The only thing we know is that Mr. Smith wasn't always as tech-savvy as he is today. But as funny as the whole situation is, it's actually not the first time a bizarre/embarrassing tweet has gone viral in the NBA community.

In 2013, for example, Phil Jackson famously posted this epic first tweet:

Fortunately, Stephen A. has gotten better at navigating the social media landscape. In fact, the guy has gotten quite comfortable under the spotlight over the years, and it showed during his entrance for Game 3 of the Conference Finals:

Whether or not you agree with Stephen A.'s takes, you can't argue that the man hasn't become one of the most famous and widely recognized faces at ESPN. Whether it's First Take, NBA Today, or Stephen A.'s World, the world-renowned broadcaster is one of the best in the business — and he knows it.

Ahead of Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Saturday, Stephen A. made headlines after a video caught him entering the arena with maximum swag.

After starting as a local broadcaster, Stephen A. has become one of the most recognized and accomplished analysts in the business. He's got connections, notoriety, and a flattering salary to go along with all his fame.

Say whatever you want about the guy, but he deserves credit for all the hard work he has put in to become the guy he is today.