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Stephen A. Smith: 'MJ Would Have Destroyed All Competition If He Played In Today’s NBA'

Stephen A. Smith: 'MJ would have destroyed ALL competition if he played in today’s NBA'

After the first four episodes of 'The Last Dance' documentary, it's not crazy to say that Michael Jordan is the hottest topic around the NBA right now. His Airness dominated in the 90s with his Chicago Bulls, becoming the GOAT of basketball. Plenty of people wonder how he would fare in this era and for Stephen A. Smith, MJ would totally dominate in today's game.

"He would have destroyed all competition, I don't think there is any question about that, but he wouldn't average 50 and shot 65% from the field, that's definitely hyperbolic. But let me be very clear, Michael Jordan would have averaged about 40."

He then explained how Jordan would have played like James Harden and had similar names to the Beard, explaining MJ with a better 3-point shot would be awesome to watch.

"Every time people talk about Jordan, they always talk about how many points he would score, how he would have destroyed the competition because of what he did offensively. I think that people don't realize--he would have snatched dudes' hearts, all around the league, he would have taken them out, they would have wanted no part of him. Because that's what's Jordan's specialty. He wasn't about beating you, he was about demoralizing you, taking your heart away from you and making sure that you knew you couldn't mess with him at all, that you wanted no part of it."

We're not discovering anything by saying MJ was one of the greatest and fiercest competitors in the history of the league. MJ overcame several obstacles before he could finally win the NBA championship; he was about destroying you, as Smith said, and make sure that this is his yard and nobody can come and try to mess with him.

He won six titles during the 90s, the hardcore era of the NBA. Imagine how many rings he would have won right now.