Stephen A. Smith On Brooklyn Nets Acquiring LaMarcus Aldridge: "I Mean This Is Almost Like Buying A Championship For Crying Out Loud."

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(via Air Alamo)

(via Air Alamo)

The Brooklyn Nets have recently acquired LaMarcus Aldridge by signing him in free agency. Their roster now features many All-Stars, former and current. This signing adds even more talent to their superteam and solidifies their status as a clear-cut favorite for the NBA championship. There is no other team that has as stacked of a roster as they do.

Basketball analyst Stephen A. Smith has reacted to the news of the Brooklyn Nets signing LaMarcus Aldridge. Smith voiced his displeasure with the move, citing the lack of competition for the Brooklyn Nets' talented roster. Smith even equated it to "buying" a championship.

Stephen A. Smith's concerns are reasonable. The Brooklyn Nets have the most star power in the league, and they are clearly ahead in talent for most of the league. It isn't uncommon for former All-Stars to chase a championship and sign with a contender, but the Brooklyn Nets have attracted a lot of big names in the market. With the amount of All-Stars that they have, what would be strange is if they didn't win.

The Brooklyn Nets are an immensely talented superteam: there is no team in either conference that can rival them on paper. But in the playoffs, anything could happen. The pressure is now on the Brooklyn Nets to win, or risk being one of the most disappointing teams in recent memory. At the same time, this is one of the most exciting superteams as well: it will be interesting to see whether they can break some records on their way to the playoffs. The Brooklyn Nets acquired a lot of elite talent for their roster: this strategy has worked before, and perhaps it will work for them this year.