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Stephen A. Smith On His First Reaction After Hearing About Anthony Davis' Achilles Injury: "The Brooklyn Nets Are Going To Win The NBA Championship."



Stephen A. Smith has been a believer in the Lakers since the beginning. Despite the challenges Bron and AD have had to face over the past year and a half, Smith has (usually) stood firm in picking them to find success.

This season was no different until Anthony Davis re-aggravated an Achilles injury on Sunday, jeopardizing his availability going forward and putting a damper on their prognosis for the season. Smith, in a segment on First Take, delivered a blunt and straight-forward reaction to the news, citing that the Brooklyn Nets could emerge as NBA Champions by the time it's all said and done.

“My first reaction after hearing about Anthony Davis aggravating his right Achilles is that the Brooklyn Nets are going to win the NBA championship,” he said on ESPN’s First Take Monday. “… The Lakers, as far as I’m concerned, are the only team standing in the way of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden winning the [championship].”

Fans were pretty upset at Stephen A.'s insensitivity to Davis' injury, but he probably wasn't alone in his thoughts.

While LeBron James is the engine that keeps the Lakers moving, Davis is the glue that keeps them together. As the defensive anchor, interior presence, and co-star, the Purple and Gold can only go so far without him, especially considering the competition in their own conference. How can they have any hope of beating Durant, Kyrie, and Harden?

Needless to say, the Lakers will need their guy 100% if they want to repeat as Champions, which is why we can expect the team to exercise extreme caution with Davis and his lingering Achilles issues throughout the rest of the season.