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Stephen A. Smith Picks Klay Thompson Over Kawhi And Durant For The Lakers

Credit: Basketball Studios

Credit: Basketball Studios

Noted ESPN commentator Stephen A Smith thinks that next offseason the LA Lakers should pursue Klay Thompson over the like of Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. The Lakers have around $38 million in cap space next summer and so have the ability to sign a star to a max deal and pair him with LeBron James.

Any of the 3 would be a great fit for LA and would instantly put the Purple in Gold right there in the mix for a title. Klay Thompson is a stud through and through. The dude is easily the 2nd best shooter in the NBA and will probably only be behind Steph in career made 3s when it’s said and done.

He’s a 4-time All-Star, a career 42.2% shooter from 3, hits 85% of his free throws, has averaged 21.5 points a game over the last 4 seasons as a 2nd/3rd scoring option and can guard 1 through 3 with ease.

He and LeBron are perfectly suited for each other. LeBron is the best driver the NBA has ever seen and one of the passers as well. Klay is an all-time great spot-up shooter and would benefit hugely from the gravity of LeBron and LeBron would hugely benefit from the floor-spacing that Klay provides.

This would also majorly reduced the power of Golden-State who are currently the team to beat in the NBA.

I love the idea of Klay in LA with LeBron, but Stephen A is wrong here. Either KD or Kawhi is a much better option. Klay is the best 3rd option a team could ever ask for, but LA needs another bonafide superstar to get back to the Finals.

Honestly, I think KD is the better player right now, he’s won 2 straight Finals MVPs and is pushing Michael Jordan for the title of greatest scorer ever but he will be 31 next summer whereas Kawhi will be 28. Durant is a very good defender with that long frame of his but Kawhi is the best in the league. Durant is easily the better scorer but Kawhi is no joke and is also a good shooter.

Kawhi with LeBron makes more sense to me; Kawhi is from California, he’s younger, a better defender, more likely to allow LeBron to take control and he’s a really scorer as well.