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Stephen A. Smith Praises The New York Knicks After Win Over Indiana Pacers

(via Daily Knicks)

(via Daily Knicks)

The New York Knicks have had a history of mediocrity since the days of Carmelo Anthony. They have been clowned by many NBA fans for being bad, but under new coach Tom Thibodeau, it seems like things are turning around. With Thibodeau's tutelage, the Knicks are currently the 7th seed, and they've won against the Milwaukee Bucks and the Indiana Pacers, two teams with high aspirations in the Eastern Conference.

A prominent analyst who also happens to be a New York Knicks fan is Stephen A. Smith. With the Knicks somewhat improving to start the season, Stephen A. Smith recognized their efforts.

RJ Barrett has had a good start to the season and recently put up a scoring clinic against the Pacers. Austin Rivers was a savvy veteran with experience on multiple playoff teams. The Knicks are off to a promising start and Stephen A. is definitely impressed. One thing he did miss in his tweet, was the emergence of Julius Randle as a passing big man. As someone who has been painted as a black hole on offense, it is good to see him develop his playmaking. It remains to see whether the Knicks will continue to be successful this season, but they're off to a great start.

Like many, Stephen A. Smith just wants to see good basketball come back to Madison Square Garden. So far, it's off to an okay start, and their prospects are promising. Let's hope this continues.