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Stephen A. Smith Predicts When The Knicks Will Finally Make The Playoffs: 'When I Pass Away'

(via ESPN Front Row)

(via ESPN Front Row)

The New York Knicks haven't exactly been a glowing example of success in the NBA. In fact, much to the disgrace of their fans, they are always near the bottom of the standings, making news for their drama and dysfunction rather than winning on the basketball court.

Stephen A. Smith is one of these fans and has always shared his misery with the rest of the world. On Twitter, he recently reminded everyone again what it's like being a Knicks fan, predicting that his team likely wouldn't win the title until he "passed away."

One of the biggest culprits for New York's dysfunction is their owner, James Dolan. Known as one of the worst team owners in the league, he seemingly cares about the money more so than he does putting a good product on the floor. He's always meddling in the affairs of his basketball operations team and it can be a major distraction to those trying to put the team back together.

Of course, the Knicks' dysfunction also has to do with their now destroyed reputation. Their damaged name has become almost a curse to perspective free-agents and stars that would normally sign with the team elected to sign elsewhere, including the Nets.

It's hard to say when they will clean up their act, but one has to think it won't be any time soon. Smith certainly doesn't have any expectations for them.