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Stephen A. Smith Rants About Knicks: "They're Straight Trash! They Stink!"

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

Stephen A. Smith has had a number of rants about the Knicks, and none have been without a tone of disgust and/or disappointment.

The hapless Knickerbockers have struggled to maintain relevance and order in the East for years, and this latest season is serving as yet another example of their dysfunctional state of affairs.

On his radio show, Stephen A. let the world know how he felt:

A few days ago, Knicks President Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry addressed the media to issue an "apology" of sorts, stating that he expected the team to be better than the 2-8 start they've produced this season. Essentially, they seemed to throw head coach David Fizdale under the bus, and word on the street is indicating they are already laying the groundwork for his departure.

The esteemed ESPN reporter has clearly had enough of this "finger-pointing" regime by the Knicks front-office when they are the ones who keep assembling poor rosters, to begin with. How can you blame Fizdale for the poor start when he has to work with a roster containing Julius Randle, Marcus Morris, and RJ Barrett as his best players?

The road to recovery is long for New York, and it's likely not something that will be fixed by the firing of Fizdale. The pool of contamination runs deep, and Stephen A. is just one of many folks who are sick and tired of it.