Stephen A. Smith Reacts To An Anonymous Agent Throwing Shade At Rich Paul And LeBron: "I Think It's Jealousy! ... When You're Doing The Same Thing Others Do Or Have Tried To Do, You're Just Doing It Better, I Don't Wanna Hear A Damn Word."

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(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

A couple of days ago, an unnamed NBA agent took a massive shot at Rich Paul and Klutch Sports, claiming that LeBron James is the one who does all the work of recruiting players and that Paul is pretty much a diversion for the league.

That's a bit of a blunt statement, considering that Paul represents countless players and stars who have never teamed up with LeBron. If anything, they've matched up against him at the ultimate level, such as Draymond Green, for instance.

That's why ESPN's Stephen A. Smith didn't want to hear anything against Paul and James, going as far as to say that they're just jealous because they can't keep up with Klutch Sports:

"I think it's jealousy! ... When you're doing the same thing others do or have tried to do, you're just doing it better, I don't wanna hear a damn word," Smith said.

Smith went on to add that LeBron James set the path for Paul, Maverick Carter, and Randy Mims to be successful and wealthy but that no one can take away their hard job to be where they are right now, lauding Paul's work as an NBA agent:

"Yes, he's friends with LeBron James. Yes, LeBron James has a lot to do with the initial success for him, Maverick Carter, Randy Mims - who's LeBron's right-hand guy. (...) If you talk to Rich Paul about the NBA and being a part of the NBA and being an agent... This brother doesn't miss anything. Now, you can debate about who did the better contract (...) that doesn't mean anybody can't sit up there and look at Rich Paul and take away from what he's been doing. (...) LeBron James did a gift to his friends. He set a path for them to make their own way so they could earn their stripes and therefore earn the right to represent him," Smith added.

Obviously, their ties to LeBron James will always put a dent in their credibility for some people but I believe their work speaks for themselves.

LeBron James put his friends in a position to succeed but it was their hard work that took them to the top of the basketball business game.