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Stephen A. Smith Reacts To Patrick Beverley’s Tweet About LeBron James

Stephen A. Smith Reacts To Patrick Beverley’s Tweet About LeBron James

Patrick Beverley once again made the headlines for his controversial comments regarding one of his nemesis, LeBron James. The Clippers point guard sent a message to the NBA community stating that whatever LeBron says, that's the direction the league will take.

Some fans believed he was agreeing with LeBron and his desire to play out the remainder of the 2019/20 season, but others were convinced he was just taking shots at the King.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith reacted to those comments. On Monday's edition of First Take, the NBA analyst defended Bron against all the accusations he's receiving in the last days regarding the upcoming return of the NBA.

"Everything ain't about protesting. There are so many people that can protest, there are some people that come to protest, and there's some people in the legal profession that can march up to Capitol Hill with the support offered by those athletes to make change. That's what LeBron is doing. I stand behind him 1000% and I respect my brother Anthony Davis [Patrick Beverley] cause I love him, but this ain't the time to talk about what LeBron ain't doing when LeBron right now may be doing more than anybody."

It's not a secret that Beverley is always looking for that opportunity to throw shade at LeBron. This time, though, he picked a bad moment to do so since LeBron has been one of the most active NBA players talking against racism. He is trying to make a change in America's society and even though he wants to continue playing this year, Bron is committed to helping the black community against racial injustice.