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Stephen A. Smith Responds On If LeBron Will Ever Pass Michael Jordan As A Worldwide Brand : 'I Wouldn't Rule It Out'

(via The New York Times)

(via The New York Times)

LeBron James and Michael Jordan will forever be compared for their achievements on the basketball court. As two of the best players ever, their names are always near the top of the All-Time players' list.

But what about off the court? Back in his playing days, and even now, Jordan was a star who was recognized around the globe. His name and brand earned worldwide fame. LeBron Jame,s meanwhile, is trying to blaze a similar path for himself -- and it appears to be working. LeBron is more than an athlete at this point -- he's a figure, an icon, and a powerful brand.

Will he ever surpass Jordan in this regard? Stephen A. apparently doesn't rule it out as he stated on ESPN's First Take on Wednesday.

"To look at LeBron James and the things that he's doing, knowing that he's only 35-years-old, with what he has built and what he has established, already and what he's venturing into, I think there's a legitimate argument to be made that potentially over the course of time -- can Jordan be touched, can Jordan be caught up to? -- particularly in this age of social media and beyond, yes I do."

LeBron has become a beacon to the community, has inspired the empowerment of minorities, has backed political movements, and has made it so that his name is one of the most recognizable on planet earth.

With a few more years, and more opportunity to spread his brand, who is to say he can't catch up to Jordan?