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Stephen A. Smith Responds To 'High' Listener On Live Show: "Because You High, Goodbye!!!"

Stephen A. Smith Responds To 'High' Listener On Live Show: "Because You High, Goodbye!!!"

Even though sometimes he takes things a little too far trying to prove his points, Stephen A. Smith is very serious about his job. The ESPN analyst has climbed the mountain to be where he is right now, trying to entertain people at home. 

Fun and chill as he is, Stephen A. isn't entertaining jokers trying to mess with him. In 2019, he had a curious caller who wasn't in the best conditions to talk on live TV. As you may know, SAS isn't a fan of weed, and one person called to the show under the influence, which didn't sit well with the 54-year-old. 

Stephen A.: "Let's go with Robert. What's up, Robert?"

Caller: "I don't know who to blame, Steve Kerr or Steph Curry."

SAS: "I ain't gonna lie to you bro, you ok? You sound like you've been drinking this early in the morning."

Caller: "I'm high. I only smoke weed. It's legal in D.C."

SAS: "I got you. Have a nice day. No, you just admitted it. You on some weed. You called up this show while on some weed."

What followed this was one of Stephen A.'s iconic rants, explaining what he expects from professional athletes and people calling to his show. Whatever we try to do with the transcription won't make justice to this moment. You can check the whole exchange (and the aftermath) below: 

Stephen A. won't hesitate to call people out when it comes to pot. He's made it clear over the years and having someone calling under that condition to his show definitely didn't sit well with him. 

Hopefully, neither Robert nor any other stoner will try to do that in the future. Smith will be ready to blast them in front of thousands of people.