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Stephen A. Smith Reveals That Lakers GM Rob Pelinka Is "Despised" By People In The NBA

Rob Pelinka

There is no easy fix to the Lakers current problems. They have a mess of a roster, a damaged reputation, and a rather toxic environment surrounding the player,s the coaching staff, and even the front office. And while there will be many steps taken to improve their current standing, maybe they should start by looking at their GM Rob Pelinka.

He was hired, along with Magic Johnson, in 2017as part of Jeanie Buss' attempt to resurrect her franchise. So far, the pair have done little besides signing a 34-year-old LeBron to a 4-year max contract. They have been unable to make any significant trades, or lure any other big-name stars. In a shocking reveal by ESPN's Stephen A Smith, part of the reason why the Lakers have done such a poor job recruiting talent to L.A. may be due to Pelinka himself.

According to the NBA insider, fellow GMs are not fond of Pelinka, possibly due to his lack of experience and non-existent relationship with anyone outside of the Lakers' organization.

"Rob Pelinka is despised by people in the NBA and people are highly reluctant to take his phone calls which is why Magic has to be on the phone."

All season long, the community has blamed LeBron, Luke Walton, and even Magic Johnson for the Lakers' struggles. And while none of them can be excused of any blame, the problem may have been stemming from Pelinka the whole time.

Unless the lakers build some kind of connection to other teams or star players, they will continue to fall short on their goals.

Stephen A said in that same segment that the Lakers needs to hire someone with experience if they want to move forward next season. Judging by their current state of affairs, I am inclined to agree.